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For so many individuals it is crucial to get their minds and bodies back to a point of balance before embarking on the journey to long term recovery.

This process always begins with detox from alcohol and other substances.

Our Primary goal is to help our patients return to a balanced state so that their life in recovery can start.

Premiere Detox in Scottsdale, Arizona

Medical X in Scottsdale is your premier detox facility licensed to help treat those suffering from the acute symptoms of addiction and chemical dependency. We use Naltraxone, Suboxone, IV nutrient therapy and other methods to aid in relieving the symptoms of withdrawal.

Medical X, inc. was founded in 2015 by a board certified physician, specialized in drug addiction and detox since 2008.

Medical technology, government programs, insurance, pharmaceutical advancements, and the understanding of addiction continues to evolve as drug and alcohol addiction becomes more prevalent in society.

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