Outpatient Medical Detox & Medication Assisted Relapse and Prevention

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Comprehensive Intervention & Medication Assisted Treatment

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Confidential, Safe & Comfortable. We specialize in anonymity.

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Single appointments, supervised medical detox, medication management and treatment options.

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Medical X Services

Single Appointments
  1. Management for medications or outpatient detox at home
  2. Detox in our office – IV medications and fluids
  3. Detox at home or under our care – a highly specialized plan created for the individuals specific needs
Buprenorphine Treatment

Initial Taper Program – one or two appointments with a medication assisted taper program. Monthly appointments for maintenance patients

Naltrexone Treatment

Relapse Prevention

Oral Naltrexone or Monthly Injectable Naltrexone

IV Treatments

Fluids and Hydration


Vitamins and Minerals

Other Services

We treat most substances and provide a highly confidential environment conducive for recovery

Call 480-219-0055

Schedule a medical consultation with our addiction specialist Dr. Steven Locnikar

You made it this far, go right, not left. Look up, not down. One call will help you achieve your goals & conquer your addiction.

Jeremy Waters, Med X Patient

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Dr. Steven Locnikar head of Medical X provides confidential and professional medication-assisted care to substance & alcohol dependent patients. Our entire staff is well prepared and ready to help with your recovery.

Our Team

Come and meet the Medical X team

General Service Information

  • Initial consultation with a licensed healthcare provider
  • Outpatient detoxification (whether supervised in-office with IV therapy, or in the comfort of their home)
  • Early sobriety stabilization (supplemented by medications to boost comfort and prevent relapse)
  • Maintenance of long-term sobriety (with continuous after-care and referral services)
  • Fully confidential, comfortable, affordable treatment with an on-site physician supervising the entire process
  • Relapse and Craving Prevention with Medication Therapy

Patient Reviews

Testimonial by Shannon Conlin
Definitely want to recommend to anyone struggling with addiction. The love and compassion from Dr. Locnikar and his staff was tremendous in this battle.
Shannon Conlin
Customer Review - 3 days ago
Testimonial by Paul King
Been coming for a year, absolutely adore the staff! The doctor has literally saved my life! Highly recommend!
Paul King
Customer Review - 2 months ago
Testimonial by Joe Griffin
Med X Scottsdale has proven to be an excellent service providing treatment for addiction and has handled all referrals with extraordinary care and privacy.
Joe Griffin
Customer Review - 3 years ago
Testimonial by Thomas Duncan
Very friendly staff and doctor. Overall a great experience every time I come to Med Ex
Thomas Duncan
Customer Review - a month ago
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Medical X

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