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At Medical X we provide confidential and professional medication-assisted care to substance & alcohol dependent patients.

Our trained medical staff is prepared and ready to help with the entire course of recovery, starting with the first realization that help is needed.

All of our patients will receive the following:

    • Initial consultation with a licensed healthcare provider

    • Outpatient detoxification (whether supervised in-office with IV therapy, or in the comfort of their home)

    • Early sobriety stabilization (supplemented by medications to boost comfort and prevent relapse)

    • Maintenance of long-term sobriety (with continuous after-care and referral services)

    • Fully confidential, comfortable, affordable treatment with an on-site physician supervising the entire process

Each healing plan is customized with various effective medications to meet the individual patient’s changing needs, all taking place in a state-of-the-art outpatient facility with a compassionate, empathetic atmosphere. A typical outpaitient medical detox at Medical X last between 1-3 days.

Safe, Fully Confidential Setting

Our office is unique in its goal to be minimally disruptive to your lifestyle, offering luxury private rooms, full access to electronics and the internet, one to five day detoxes, and on site physicians.

We even offer an around the clock Sober Support Team, which can provide personal assistance to you in your home or other safe space as you begin your healing process.

We Offer:

Intensive Outpatient Detoxification by a Physician

Medication Assisted Treatment (Oral, Injections, Implants)

Relapse and Craving Prevention with Medication Therapy

Outpatient Medical Therapeutic Provider

IV Therapy

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