Is Outpatient Detox Right For You?

Medical X provides a safe, comfortable and highly specialized environment conducive to those suffering from addiction. We offer patients and their families a medically supervised outpatient detox treatment program that promotes initial recovery and long term sobriety.

Using IV therapy, vitamins/supplements and comfort medications, we provide an environment to break the chains of substance use disorder in an anonymous setting.

Those suffering from opiate addiction often times delay attempts at recovery based on the “fear” of going through the painful and agonizing process of drug and alcohol detox.

The staff at Medical X of Scottsdale is well aware of these fears and has designed a customized medically assisted outpatient detox program. This approach makes the detox process safe and comfortable and relieves the fear associated with this process.

A multitude of factors are involved in this decision making process.

  • Family Responsibilities
  • Work responsibilities
  • Caring for Children
  • Personal Obligations
  • Medical Problems
  • Financial Responsibilities

The advantages of receiving outpatient detox are significant.

  • Anonymous
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Personal Medical Care and Attention
  • IV Fluids / Medication
  • Flexibility
  • Affordable

Medical X offers a safe and confidential setting in which patients can receive the following:

            • Assessment

            • Evaluation and screening

            • Outpatient detoxification

            • Recovery outpatient after care/relapse prevention

            • Medication assisted treatment

Safe and confidential detox
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